Buffalo Mass Shooting
Families Pressure Congress …
Address Guns & White Supremacy!!!

6/8/2022 10:24 AM PT


Family members of the victims of the Buffalo mass shooting are trying to make sure their loved one’s deaths are not in vain — they want Congress to do something, anything, about firearms and white supremacists.

We got Ben Crump and the families he represents Wednesday on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers are hearing testimony from survivors and loved ones of the recent mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde.

Michelle Spight, whose cousin Markus Morrison was one of the 10 killed in Buffalo, says she’s tired of the rhetoric coming from Congress … and she wants more done to combat white supremacy, because the gunman in their case followed that ideology.

Dominique Douglas, another of Markus’ cousins, says if Congress members do nothing in the wake of multiple mass shootings, they should be voted out of office.

Crump says the bodies of the Buffalo 10 were so mangled by the shooter’s assault rifle, they’re the modern equivalent to Emmett Till … and he’s calling on lawmakers to put people over politics to enact gun reform before there’s another public tragedy.

Zeneta Everhart, whose son Zaire Goodman was one of the few to survive the massacre, testified before the House Oversight Committee … ripping the familiar refrain we hear from politicians after mass shootings, and calling on lawmakers to address domestic terrorism.

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