A 31-year-old man from France was deported on Monday after having served jail time for possession of crystal meth and firearms.

The man’s initials is RJHB and, according to a local news outlet, the Parisian-born was released from jail on March 24 after spending one year and four months behind bars. He later spent four days in the detention center of the Denpasar Immigration Center while waiting for his deportation.

Following his arrest in December 2020 by the Bali Police, RJHB was found guilty of having possessed 5.43 grams of methamphetamine and three firearms plus ammunition.

In a picture shared by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, RJHB was seen posing with two unnamed officials.

The man later flew out of Bali on Monday at 2:30pm with Scoot Airlines (Flight TR-285) and landed in Singapore.

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